Rik Paul

I think that photographic art starts with a scene that stirs something deep within your soul; a feeling that you instinctively want to share with others. Whether it's the simple play of evening light on a lone tree, the gathering clouds before a summer storm, or the wide-eyed faces of wondering children in another land, these moments stop me in my tracks, and can bring an inner stillness that I want to convey. Then, by relying on the right equipment and years of experience, I attempt to "capture" that scene. And work with it--sometimes over and over--until the final photograph comes as close as possible to communicating the complex allure of that initial response.

I have done professional photography for more than 40 years--mainly revolving around travel, adventure, and cars--but my passion is the photographic art I'm lucky enough to show here.

In addition to photography, I've spent the last 25 years as a writer/editor for Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, and Wirecutter, a NY Times Co. website.

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Appalachian SkylineAppalachian SunsetAutumn at the LakeBlue Ridge Parkway in FogBoat in the Mist
Cloud GrazingDragon CloudGeese at SunsetGeese Take-offHanging Leaves
Misty GlowMountain StormParis ColorsReflecting TreeRippling Stillness
Sunset ReflectionTwo SwansVermont Fire TreesVermont HillsideJan's Garden